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Music Uploading

2007-11-23 22:43:19 by Frunk222

Well I am new to newgrounds and have made lots of music (50 tracks) I will run through all of it and pick around 20 to upload. However I can only upload 2 a day so I should be uploading for 10 days (not promising consecutive). And I'll see which 5 get the best score then base my style around that. So have fun listening to my music.


Hamsters will rule the world!


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2007-11-24 23:55:11

Hey, I'll try reviewing all your songs that you will submit.
Anyways new to NG. Lemme give you some tips.
1) Many abusive people here, don't take anything abusive here on NG seriously
2) Go around the flash portal and watch the movies and play the games
3) NG is probably the best FLASH gaming/movie site on the internet.
4) Many internet trends did originate here, although, NG is pretty unrecognized.
5) Spam is plenty in the flash portal.
6) Vote everyday to gain your level up, level depends on your 5 vote you cast daily, not your time here
7) Forums here are nice place.
8) Get familiar with the NG characters, tankman, salad fingers, pico
9) Be sure to read the FAQ, be sure to know the admins.
10) NG is underrated, and many people think its a virus/porn/spam site. Well, mainly that was before the redesign, it's all safe now

Although, you may be not so new to NG, and just created an account, but been on NG for longer. But incase your totally new to NG, those are some good tips.
Just don't get offended by my tips thinking I'm calling you a noob, really, we call people noobs if they act like total assholes.

Anyways, yea good luck on NG